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Strength, Balance, Harmony

Blue Sky Pilates is here to provide  safe, enlivening Pilates

training for each individual.  We will talk about your goals,

your purpose and any possible physical limitations or considerations you may have.  I am so happy to help you

achieve your fitness goals, to work toward overall wellness.


As a former gymnast, I have always been familiar with Pilates drills in our training and as an adult, pursued Pilates training through classes, books and videos.  I have taught children's tumbling classes for years and have implemented many foundational Pilates exercises in these classes. As an adult, I have enjoyed Ballet classes for fitness, flexibility and Fun!  I decided to pursue further Pilates training and certification through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in the fall of 2011 and completed their 500 hour Comprehensive Training.

  This training was such a time of transforming challenges and growth!

    Pilates has brought such a renewal to me personally and  I am privileged to witness clients reap the benefits as well.  I am so proud to teach and practice such a brilliant, well rounded system.  


Blue Sky Pilates studio is reopening in our NEW LOCATION

1206 Meade Ave Prosser, WA 99350

In May, 2021




Body Arts and Science International ....Rael Isacowitz!


Balanced Body Equipment/Podcasts/Articles...excellent!


by Rael Isacowitz
"Pilates Anatomy"
by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sellwood Yoga 2017

Yoga and Pilates compliment each other beautifully.    I'm currently specializing in a Mellow Vinyasa flow style (slower flow, connecting breath to movement, finding alignment, strength and ease) As well as Restorative Yoga Practice in which bolsters, blankets and other props are used to support the body in various yoga poses to encourage complete relaxation, rest and renewal.  Centering breath, practicing stillness, to melt away stress .  

   My own personal Yoga Journey has brought much light and peace to my life and further strengthened the Mind, Body and Spirit connection I've sought in Pilates. Looking forward to sharing this practice with you!



Blue Sky Pilates

Strength Balance Harmony


         1206 Meade Ave Prosser, WA 99350                                                                                 

         Shari Ammerman, owner, instructor     


         Katherine Ammerman, instructor

            (509) 781-2777



By Appointment Only;  Please contact to set up your first 

class OR a short consultation to meet with us, see the studio and  

discuss your goals!                                                              




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